Jacey Autumn

Jacey Autumn
Lead Film Maker

Hi everyone! I am a desert native, born and raised in Palm Springs and still do my best to make it through these tough summers. It never gets easier!

I previously ran my own photography business for 10 years and recently merged with Sydney Contois to be able to provide clients with a full photo/Film experience.

Our vision for our business is to bring a new style and product to clients that emulates a love for life and all of the precious fleeting moments we experience.

I am 100% self taught and love new challenges and experiences which is why it felt natural for me to learn Film and all that it entails. It brings out a whole new perspective to the trade and I am so excited to bring this to all of our clients to experience as well.

I am a mom to 2 amazing little ones, Hudson (9) and Cheri-Lynn (5) and they are my drive to succeed in every aspect of my life.

I’m a natural redhead and from what I understand we’re a dying breed. The older I get the more I appreciate being a little different lol

I can drink coffee at all hours of the day. It is my weakness, along with milk chocolate (with almonds)

My goal is to travel to a new place at LEAST once a year. Being outdoors and soaking up all the fresh air refuels my soul.

I look forward to sharing more about myself through this journey with you all♥️♥️