Sydney Contois
Lead Photographer Name is Sydney Contois. Heres a little info about myself. People know me as fun, enthusiastic and an extremely outgoing person.

Born and raised in the high and low desert. A desert girl I will always be at heart! Love my winters but not Colorado cold just Palm Springs cold. Ill never adapt to the Oven we live in 3-4 months out of the year but ill put up with it just to get the amazing weather the remainder of the year.

Photos + Film are my happy place. It has always been a huge part of who I am. Im a Mommy of 3 & a Wife. True story my Husband is the one ya’ll should give credit to cause he is the reason I turned my Passion into a Career and believed and invested in me.

Everything I know about Photography was self taught. Anything I don’t know… well google is my best friend lol. Im a tech nerd, id rather have new electronics over new purses or jewelry ( I’m sure my Husband loves this most about me.) 

Im the biggest people person you’ll ever meet. You can put me in a room of 100 people and in just a few short hours ill have built a personal relationship with everyone of them. I talk too much, or at least I think I do, but people seemed to like that about me.

Im definitely an open book, what you see is what you get. Im a sucker for love stories, star gazing, poetry and bomb fires on the beach. I love adventure and adrenaline and feeling like life is one big adventure. Free spirited and slightly emotional so warning I WILL BE CRYING AT YOUR WEDDING CEREMONY.

Im addicted to coffee, I can fall asleep 10 minutes after 4 shots of espresso. Im a Mommy’s girl, always have been always will. My oldest son Barron molded me into the Mommy I am today, My middle son Deegan challenges me and keeps me on my toes but never fails to tell me he loves me more and thinks I’m beautiful and my daughter Kingsley is everything I ever could have dreamed of in a daughter, she is my best friend and I hope to continue the bond with her as I did with my own Mom.

I ran my own Photography Business (Sydney Contois Photography) for 11 years on my own. This year I decided I wanted to expand and push my creative side and challenge myself and that's when I approached Jacey about building a business together.  Jacey & I found out were literally identical in so many ways, shooting style, favorite color (green…yes GREEN). Our passion for photo + film and adventure. Oh and the belly laughs…the ones where you laugh so hard your stomach and face hurt but its feeding your soul and making you crave more!  Everything happens for a reason and our timing was just right and it was like we were each others missing puzzle piece. Don’t temp our free spirited souls we will dance in the rain and shoot until its dark just so we know in the end what we made was real art.

WARNING: I will jump in the ocean, a waterfall or a pool to get the perfect shot…and when I’m excited you have to stop me from shooting cause I wont stop until the stars come out to play. 

"If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life!"  So here I am, enjoying every second of it.